Extra support in learning and teaching

  1. Our school has built up partnership with 50 universities and organizations (Professional Partners) to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching in school.
  2. Since 1998, we have 20 projects funded by the Quality Education Fund (QEF) to stimulate high quality innovative learning and teachingschemes.
  3. 19 additional teachers are hired to promote high quality teaching by improving teacher-student ratio through extra funding ($4,900,000). Two social workers and two programme officers are hired to promote Life Education, Leadership Training Programmes and Multiple Intelligence Programmes with funding from our school sponsoring body, Stewards Limited.
  4. Students can enjoy using 210 computers,81 laptop computers and 3 computer rooms for self-directed learning. Besides, we are going to purchase 60 -100 Tablet PCs in 2011/2012 in phases. Our campus is WiFi enabled and students, parents and teachers are connected together through the school’s Intranet.