Prefects Team
What is prefects?
Prefects are students who have more authority than other students. They are usually responsible, well-behaved and in the later years of a school. They are to help the teachers out by spotting troubles makers and helping students who have issues.
1.To provide an suitable environment for students (prefects) to develop their leading skills and sense of responsibility.
2.To assist teachers maintaining the school discipline.
17-18 Prefects team members
Teacher Advisors: Mr. Chu Wai Kwong, Mr. Fong Kin Lung, Ms. Tam Tsz Nga, Ms. Leung Po Chun
Senior prefects: S6B Yeung Chui Ting, S6B Leung Hei Yuet
Head Prefects: S5B Li Muk Wang, S5A Fung Hoi Ying, S5A Choi Tsz Ching
Team ATeam BTeam C
Vice Head PrefectVice Head PrefectVice Head Prefect
S4B Hung Wing KwanS4A Chiu Kei ToS4A Chiu Chung Ting
S4A Lam Ho Kiu
S3A Chan Kwan Chi
S3A Tsang Hiu Lam
S4D Wong Wing Hei
S3A Kwok Sui In
S3A Chan Yu Ting
S3B Kwok Wing Tung
S3D Luong Wai Kwong
S2A Mok Ngo Tin
S2B Yuen Man Hei
S2B Kong Tsz Ching
S2C Yeung Yee Lam
S2C Sit Yu Ching
S2C Choi Pui Yan
S2D Mark Tsz Chung
S3A Chan Tsz Kiu
S3C Cheng Hoi Tung
S3D Leung Hoi Kiu
S3D Shiu Chi Yeung
S2A Tsun Chun Hin
S2B Tang Yi Ting
S2B Tsang Ho Ting
S2C Hu Tin Yan
S2C Yung Hoi Lam
S2D Lau Sze Yui
S3A Cheng Hoi Man
S3B Leung Chin Tsun
S3C Chow Sean Ying
S3D Leung Tin Lam
S2B He Tsz Yin
S2B Wong Wai Ki
S2B Wong Ho Hin
S2C Shi Tsz Yan
S2C Choi Ching Yeung
S2D Ngai Lok Yi
S2D Yiu Tsz Yeung
S3A Wai Hiu Yi
S3C Ho Chung Lai
S3D Hui Lok Lam
S4A Lee Tsz Hei
Prefects team activities
Discipline offers the correct behavior and encourages positive growth.
last updated: Dec-2017