Art and Crafts Workshop

Mr. Bruce Ho
Mr. Ho has been dedicating to fine arts for many years. He has extensive experience in teaching arts and crafts courses and he has educated numerous students.
He is currently an arts and crafts instructor of proficiency courses at Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade (Cadet Command). He was also appointed to assess the instructors and the courses in the field of arts and skill of crafts.
In addition to involving art creation and teaching arts and crafts courses, he joined in with other local artists in fine arts exhibitions.
Course Features:
It is to arouse the interest of students in learning arts and crafts. It not only enhances the wisdom and creativity of students, but also cultivates patience, exercises imagination, observation, organization and presentation skills of students.
While strengthening concentration of students, it increases individual self-confidence and improves interpersonal relationships.
Arts through the daily study and training to enable students effectively and accurately express their inner emotions, to cultivate the dispositions, but also improves their problem solving skills, foster their moral characters.
All the above characteristics is what this generation lacks.
There are many examples of past and present tell us that good academic results alone cannot make successful persons.
Many of the famous and successful persons are aware of their strengths, and they know how to play and work hard.
People with good imagination no matter they live in any environment where they will have quick adaptation and good opportunity and space.
This elementary course does not require students with the relevant experience. It is open to all students who are interested in arts and crafts. (Maximum: 30 persons)
  1. Tole Painting (Decorative Painting)
  2. Decoupage
  3. Glass Etching
  4. Resin Clay Sculpture and Painting
  5. Modelling
This course is only open to the existing students. The students are required to pay the relevant fee and material cost.
A total of 10 lessons throughout the year
Students are scheduled to attend two study lessons each time, and there are 40 minutes (including 10 minutes of a break) for each lesson.
Time: 4:00 pm -5:30 pm (after school)
Location: Arts Room / Laboratory at the school
One or two study lesson(s) will be monthly given on Tuesdays or Thursdays from October to May. The selected students and their parents will be informed of detailed dates, times and activities via written notices.

* The necessary tools and materials are provided to students at each study lesson *
* Students do not need to additionally purchase any tools and materials in person for this course *

Students’ Artworks: