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2023-09-23Tuen Mun Outstanding Student Award 2023

6A Chan Sze Wing was awarded Outstanding Student Award of Tuen Mun 2023. The event was organised by Tuen Mun Youths Association. Congratulations.

2023-06-07S2 / S3 Admission Application (2023-2024)

Please download the application form from our school web site (7/6/2023-12/7/2023) or collect it at the Room G01 (7/6/2023-12/7/2023). Please submit the required documents (Refer to the Points to note for applicants) with the completed application form to the office from 11/7/2023 to 12/7/2023.

2023-05-25S3 English Workshop (25 May 2023)
Give thanks! The S3 English Workshop, was successfully during Period 7 and Period 8 after lunch on 25 May. 3 English activities were organized this year: - Trick Soccer - Indian Dance - Cricket All S3 students (around 120) joined at least 2 of these activities. Through interacting with the native English-speaking coaches, our students did their best to learn English through sports. Their performance was truly amazing!



為了加強初中生涯規劃教育,本校升學及職業輔導組為中二級學生於2月及3月分別舉辦了「模擬社會體驗」活動及「學系/職業望遠鏡」成果分享會。學生藉著參與「模擬社會體驗」,除了加強認識「工作-閒暇-消費」三元關係和相關生涯規劃概念之外,亦啟發學生思考如何建構屬於自己的未來。 另外,學生於上學期分組並自選一個學系或職業,搜集不同升學資料或進行訪談,最後製作成品展示資訊(包括海報、小冊子、影片及桌遊等),學生在「學系/職業望遠鏡」成果分享會投入參與,樂於與同學介紹不同升學資訊及成品。
2022-12-16International Biology Olympiad - Hong Kong Contest 2022
6B Chan Ming Chun participated the International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest 2022 organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education. He was awarded the Bronze Award. Ming Chun attended the prize presentation on 16 December 2022. Congratulations!
2022-12-02The Student Concert 2022 (2 Dec 2022)
The Student Concert 2022 was successfully held on 2.12.2022. Musical performances were prepared by our school Marching band, Choir, String ensemble and Chinese ensemble.
2022-12-01MKP English Week - English Mini-concert (30 Nov & 1 Dec 2022)
Bravo! The English Mini-concert, was successfully held at the hall during lunchtime in these two days. This year, more than 25 individuals and groups submitted their videos for audition. 9 students and 5 groups went to the finals. Their performance was amazing! More than 250 students and teachers attended this wonderful concert to support the performers.
2022-11-293x3 Basketball School Tour (29 Nov 2022)
(Please refer to the Chinese version)
2022-11-28MKP English Week - English Challenge (28 Nov 2022)
Give thanks! The first activity of our school’s English Week, English Challenge, was successfully held at the hall during lunchtime today. Over 210 students joined the event. They not only practised English outside classroom, but also learnt more about the cultures of seven countries including Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Germany, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. They enjoyed playing different games such as RUGBY TOSS and interacted with 12 native English speakers of Intercultural Education.
2022-10-19The Twenty Sixth Student Leadership Inauguration Ceremony
The Twenty Sixth Student Leadership Inauguration Ceremony(19 October 2022) Guest of Honour: Mr Wong Wai Tung, Christian Faith Hope Love Church (Tuen Mun)
2022-10-12English Speaking Tasks (2022 - 2023)
All S1 - S3 students are assigned to complete a variety of monthly English speaking tasks such as reading aloud, individual presentations, role plays and group discussions. They interact with their schoolmates and native speakers actively.
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