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-   Learning Theme: Reading for pleasure, Nurturing positive character traits   Expectations: Enthusiastic &Self-motivated; Loyal &Responsible; Pure &Courteous; Honest &Courageous; Sincere &Consider   


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DSE preparation assembly (16 September 2020)2020-09-16 (Wednesday)Mr So Chun Wai, our vice principal, Mr Lee Ming Sum, our school social worker, and Ms Wong Yuen Yung, our alumnus who is now a year 1 student majoring in the Chinese Language at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, shared with all our Form 6 students about the valuable and essential skills of time and stress management in the face of the coming DSE examination, as well as strategies of coping with the public examination under the influence of the recent pandemic. (September, 2020)
History Subject Talk: Quarries in Hong Kong (8/11/2019)2019-11-08 (Friday)Our History Department invited Dr.Poon Sun Wah, Adjunct Professor of Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong to share with S.5 History students about the history of quarry and its associated implication upon the development of Hong Kong. Dr. Poon took the only quarry, in Lam Tei, as an example to enhance students' understanding on the development of quarry in Hong Kong.
Missionary’s Visit – Mr. Jack Hager (28 Oct 2019)2019-10-28 (Monday)Today, Mr. Jack Hager, a missionary from U.S.A., and officers of the Youth For Christ (H.K.) visited our school. Mr. Hager shared with our students the Gospel and his life stories of being a soldier, a thief, a prisoner and a Christian during the lunchtime English activity at the New Glass Room. About 50 students joined the event. They asked Mr. Hager questions related to marriage, pursuing excellence and a prisoner’s life. They interacted with him and learnt a lot from his sharing.
The Twenty Third Sports Day – Cheering Team Competition (10-11/9/2019)2019-09-10 To 11-
The Twenty Third Sports Day – S6 Graduation Run (10-11/9/2019)2019-09-10 To 11-
The Twenty Third Sports Day – Competitions Highlights (10-11/9/2019)2019-09-10 To 11-
The Twenty Third Sports Day– Prize Presentation & Closing Ceremory (10-11/9/2019)2019-09-10 To 11-
The Twenty Third Sports Day – Opening Ceremory (10-11/9/2019)2019-09-10 To 11-
The School Commencement Ceremony 2019-202019-09-02 (Monday)Guest of Honour: Rev. Chan Kwok Ping, Consultant Pastor of Yan Yau Church
Marching Band Taiwan Tour 2019 (13-16 July, 2019)2019-07-13 To 16A total of 37 band members joined the “Marching Band Taiwan Tour” during the last summer holiday. They performed in Taichung Municipal Da-Jia Junior High School and ran a mass rehearsal with its Marching Band . Through visiting the Taichung Theater, Music4fun and the Museum of Fine Art, our students had immersed and enjoyed in the rich musical culture of Taiwan.
The Twenty-second School Closing and Prize Presentation Ceremony (Senior Form)2019-07-12 (Friday)Guest of Honour: Prof. Fan Kin Keung, Dennis (Former Associate Dean of the CUHK Business School), Ms. M.K. Lee, (Committee member of Home-School Association) & Rev. Lesley Wan Po Yee (Senior Pastor of Yan Yau Church)
The Twenty-second School Closing and Prize Presentation Ceremony (Junior Form)2019-07-12 (Friday)Guest of Honour: Ms. Choi Ying Ying, Nicole (Senior School Development Officer of Tuen Mun District School Development Section, Education Bureau), Ms. Y. K. Chan (Chairlady of Home-School Association) & Rev. Lesley Wan Po Yee (Senior Pastor of Yan Yau Church)
Visit to "A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum” exhibition2019-07-11 (Thursday)Students' visit to the exhibition " A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum" in Hong Kong Heritage Museum was organized on 11 July. Throughout the visit, students were able to learn the culture and values as shown in the history of the exhibits.
Medal Award of Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 20192019-06-28 (Friday)Thank God. 5A Yau Pok Hei Eddy won the Medal Award (Mathematics) of Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2019, which was organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Congratulations!
Visit to Jao Tsung-I Academy (21 May 2019)2019-05-21 (Tuesday)On 21st May, S4 students studying History visited Jao Tsung-I Academy. Through various activities such as site visit, role play and seminar, students learnt more about local history and its impacts.
The Eighth Graduation Ceremony of Secondary Six Cum Annual Parade (17 May 2019)2019-05-17 (Friday)Guests of Honour: Dr. So Kwok-sang (Secretary General of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority)
Uniform Day (30/4/2019)2019-04-30 (Tuesday)We were honored to have invited Captain Chan Wai Keung SCFM, Commanding Officer of Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps to be the guest of honour at the Assembly on our Uniform Day (30/4).
Shanghai and Nanjing Historical and Cultural Study Tour (13-17 April 2019)2019-04-13 To 17Our school organised the “Shanghai and Nanjing Historical and Cultural Study Tour” during the Easter holiday. A total of 33 junior form students participated in the tour. Through visiting various museums and historic monuments, exchanging idea with the students and teachers there, our students have deepened their understanding of the history and culture, as well as the latest development in Shanghai and Nanjing.
Student Concert(4 April 2019)(Guest of Honour: Mr Tam Tsz Leong of Tuen Mun Christian Grace Chapel)2019-04-04 (Thursday)On 4 April 2019, F.2 and F.4 students joined the student concert to appreciate different types of performance presented by our Marching Band, Choir, String Ensemble and Chinese Ensemble. The flute, woodwind and brass ensemble from our Marching Band also performed at the concert.
Author's Talk with Mr. Howard Wong (8 March 2019)2019-03-08 (Friday)We were honoured to host the author of “Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes” – Mr. Howard Wong for a talk on 8 March. Mr. Wong is a famous writer behind the Hong Kong Disneyland’s one-shot comic Iron Man: Hong Kong Heroes . Our S.3 and S4 students were inspired by Mr. Wong’s techniques that bring stories and characters to life for readers. They also learnt from him the importance of having pauses to clear our minds and the ways to deal with adversity.
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