Life Education in MKP

What is life education?

  • It is an education of life.
  • It is an education which enhances the quality of human life.
  • It is the interactions between lives.

Life education upon Christian principles

As a Christian school, we teach students to become truly human and have the eagerness to serve others by following the example of Jesus' love, his passion, and sacrifice on Calvary. We treat each of our students as made in the image and likeness of God.

Life and Whole Person Education

  • We provide students with an all-rounded education that includes areas of spiritual, moral, Intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.
  • On top of the knowledge-based education, we believe that life education plays an indispensible role in secondary schooling.

School committees involved

  1. Christian Education Committee
  • lead students to explore the meaning of life
  • highlight the hope and changes brought about by Jesus Christ
  • provide spiritual support and pastoral care for the school
  1. Guidance and Counseling committee
  • help students develop a positive self-image
  • promote unity and harmony and avoid division and intolerance within our school community
  • teach topics related to life education systematically in class periods
  1. Discipline committee
  • adopt a firm but kind school approach to cultivate students self respect and self discipline,
  • The Sunshine Scheme – to offer students a second chance by repentance
  • require students to take resposibilities and face their misbehaviour
  1. Careers committee
  • guide students to set life goals and set up life-long plans
  • help students know their interest areas and uniqueness via aptitude tests
  1. Extra-curricular Activity committee
  • develop students the ability to cope with adverse situations and to have self-discipline through uniformed teams
  • enable students to develop their potential fully by participating in clubs and sports teams
  • promote love and respect for others via participation in community affairs

Strategies to implement Life Education in MKP

Life education can best be conducted through...

  • a whole-school approach;
  • daily infusion like morning devotions, assemblies, religious studies, class periods, Liberal Studies, MKP Daily, etc
  • intensive and reflective case studies, eg. blizzard, earthquakes, econmic tsunami...
  • human and Christian education of youth with particular care for the poor or needy
  • learning by practice – to experience the persistence of the disabled, to explore the meaning of life by writing 'Epitaph', to understand the need of people below the poverty line through field trips in the rural areas of China
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