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With the widespread public recognition of “Career Planning”, the Careers Guidance Unit continues to adopt the theme of “Knowledge Changes Destiny, Determination Changes Life”, and encourages students to plan for their future.

From this year onwards, we aim to invite students to record the extra-curricular activities in which they have participated in a more organized way and motivate them to reflect, based on the experience gained from joining such activities. From S1 to S6, we launch the "Student Learning Profile" programme to arouse students’ awareness of planning for their life.

Various study-related and career talks were provided to S6 students, such as JUPAS arrangements and university interview workshops. Some school-based workshops, like “My Personality and Style” and “Self-understanding and Workplace Exploration”, have been designed for junior form students during Class Periods. Through situational games, vocational aptitude and ability tests, the school has enabled students to better understand themselves and the significance of different jobs. To address the needs of subject selection for S3 students, our Unit has compiled a booklet regarding subject selection for parents and students’ reference. In addition, we have organized a sharing session for S3 students, which senior form students shared their experiences on subject selection. The S3 students responded positively.

This year, our committee specifically arranged senior form students to visit universities’ open days, Education & Careers Expo 2012, Work’s New Thought Assembly, Choosing Universities’ Electives and the Multi-Way Out briefing session, so as to widen students’ horizons and to help them gain information on the chances to study abroad and on career paths. This encourages students to pursue their dreams and set target-oriented plans to realise their dreams. In addition, our Unit arranged visits, such as “IBM Company Visit”, “Yes Youth Employment Start”, "Domestic Enterprises Visit," "Personal Finance Workshop" and "Skills for Success Workshop". Different professionals and organizations were also invited to the school to deliver lectures, which were most beneficial for the students.


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