Personal Data (Privacy) Policy

SMKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College
Personal Data (Privacy) Policy

A. Current students or graduates (and their parents or guardians) have to provide relevant information to our school when they apply for a place in our school or request the education service from our school.

B. Different kinds of students'/ parents'/guardians' personal information is for:

  1. Student personal record,
  2. Academic and teaching affairs (including career guidance and life career planning),
  3. Student growth and development affairs (including discipline, guidance, moral and civil education, co-curricular activities and other learning experiences),
  4. Christianity educational affairs,
  5. Home School Association communication,
  6. Alumni Association communication,
  7. Other education related affairs.

C. Our school will keep students'/ parents'/guardians' personal information confidential though our school will, according to necessity, transfer relevant information to:

  1. Education Bureau (department such as District Office, Careers Guidance Department, etc.),
  2. Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (for registration of public examinations, etc.),
  3. Medical organizations (e.g. Accident & Emergency Services of Hospital Authority, Hygiene Department, Centre for Health Protection, etc.),
  4. Other relevant departments or organizations (e.g. Police Force, Fire Service Department, Social Welfare Department, Student Financial Assistance Agency, organization related to scholarship, etc.).

D. According to the Policy, any current students or graduates (and their parents or guardians)

  1. are authorized to assess whether the school has maintained and check their information upon request,
  2. can request the school to update related information or correct inaccurate information,
  3. are authorized to assess the policy and process of handling personal information and be acknowledged that the school has possessed that information.

E. For enquiries and amendment of personal information or assessment of the type of information the school possesses, please contact the Administration Officer at:

SMKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College
17 Shek Pai Tau Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Telephone: (852)2407 7440
Fax: (852)2407 7443

1st September, 2021

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