In response to our school’s concern, the Guidance Unit has organized different activities to foster the whole-person development of students. During the summer vacation, the Guidance Unit’s orientation programs for S1 students helped them adapt to a new school environment and school life, and the orientation programs for S6 students helped them adjust to the A-level curriculum and their new roles as student leaders. During the first term, an Interclass Bulletin Board Design Competition was held and all the classes took part in the competition with great enthusiasm. To promote team spirit and a sense of belonging to their new classes, an Interclass Competition was organized for both S2 and S4 students; on that day, students shouted various slogans to show support to their classmates.

Another measure to promote team spirit took place on the eve of 14th February when our committee held a ‘Valentine’s Day’ activity. Through writing greeting cards, dedicating songs during lunch, giving small gifts to family, teachers and students, students expressed gratitude to the respective people.

In an assembly, our committee held a talk on ‘Fighting against Adverse Circumstance’. It was our honour to have Mr. Stanley Cheung as our guest speaker. Mr. Cheung had experienced the Pat Sin Leng Hill Fire. Through his witness and sharing and students’ feedback, students’ ability to fight against adverse circumstances has been raised. Students now hold a healthier and a more positive attitude to face difficulties. Meanwhile, we held a ‘Self-Assertiveness’ assembly, and invited the staff of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hong Kong to give a presentation, in which it not only allowed students to appreciate themselves from an academic aspect, but also enabled them to admire themselves from various aspects. This was to ensure their ability and value, and enhance their confidence.

The Guidance Unit has been working together with the Registry and the Academic Unit to help students with special educational needs. We have written individual learning plans for these students, applied to the EDB for an allowance for special equipment, and bought group-counselling services from professional organizations. We aim to provide appropriate assistance to these students. Students and parents have expressed gratitude for the help and support they received. At the same time, inclusive education has been implemented in some classes to help these students.

Of course, the needs of individual students cannot be overlooked. Thus, the team, together with the Student Service Centre, held a Social Skills Group to help students improve social skills, and a Therapeutic Group was established (Positive Energy) to help students with low study motivation. The cases of this academic year were mainly about interpersonal relationship, emotions, studies and family, etc.

With regard to staff development, the Guidance Unit and Discipline Unit organized a seminar titled ‘The Role of Class Teacher’ in the hope that it would help nurture students’ whole personal development. The Guidance Unit has always been meticulous in the training of the Guidance Prefects. These leaders received training in counselling skills, and were also responsible for organizing and implementing the Guidance activities, such as Interclass Competition, Valentine’s Day activities and activities for S1 students.

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