Parental Affairs

The Parent Affairs Unit is to work through the Home-School Association (HSA), which has been working as a bridge for communication between the school and parents for seventeen years. Parents are involved in taking up voluntary work for the school, including invigilation, accounting, reheating student lunchboxes and the like. This year, the HSA is chaired by Ms Ng Kam Lan. With her extensive administrative and management experience, different activities have been successfully held and the relationship between schools and parents are strengthened.

Activities in 2019-2020

Complimentary Classes offered all year round         Baking Class, Praising Dance

November The Election and Establishment of the new Home-School Association (21/11/2019)
S2 Parents’ Night (29/11/2019)
December S3 Parents' Night (7/12/2019)
July Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Drive (21/7/2020)
Second Term Parents’ Day (23/7/2020)

Remarks: Parents’ Nights of other forms, First Term Parents’ Day, Home-School CNY Party, Home-School One-Day Trip, and Semiars for parents were suspended for a year.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the current and past members, and parent voluntary workers who, through their selfless dedication, have helped the school realize its mission in education. Also, we would like to thank the new members for sacrificing their valuable time to help further develop our parental affairs.


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