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2015-01-22The Application of the Secondary One Discretionary Places(2015/16)
2015-03-26History Day (12 March 2015)
History Day was held on 12 March. During lunchtime, S.1 and S.2 students joined the activities held in the hall. Students have learnt much more about the local history in Hong Kong through the activities.
2015-03-25Meeting with the Outstanding Young Engineer (19/3/2015)
On 19th March, more than 70 students participated to the Meeting with the Outstanding Young Engineer after school organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE). This talk aims to provide a platform for the experience sharing between engineer and students. The speaker, Mr. Benjamin Lam is an experienced engineer in building services discipline. He shared his learning path and the way towards the engineering profession. It was a great opportunity for students to broaden their horizons.
2015-03-12Author’s Talk (S.2) (11 March 2015)
After his first visit in 2014, Mr. Alan Gibbons, an experienced teacher and the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award in 2000 visited our school again on 11 March 2015. He shared with 134 S.2 Ma Ko Pan students how to write a good story which can motivate readers to keep reading it. Our students enjoyed the talk a lot and learnt a variety of useful story-writing techniques from Mr. Gibbons.
2015-03-10First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Senior Forms)
Guest of Honour: Mr. Tony Wong (Past District Governor, Rotary International D-3450 (Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia, Guangdong Province)) & Mr. Mawin Cheung (Immediate Past President, Rotary Club of Happy Valley)
2015-03-10First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Junior Forms)
Guest of Honour: Mr. Chan Chi Yuen (Principal, PLK Vicwood KT Chong No.2 Primary School)& Ms. Chen Ming Li (Parent Manager)
2015-03-10Mainland Exchange Programme - An Exploration into the Economic Development and Guangdong-Hong Kong Cooperation in Nansha and Qianhai (2 Mar 2015)

Our Secondary Four students joined the captioned mainland exchange programme. Through this event, students have learnt more about the economic development of Nansha and Qianhai and the co-operation between Guangdong and Hong Kong.

2015-03-09School Visit by the Students and Teachers from Santa Laurensia Senior High School, Indonesia (4 Mar 2015)
Our school was honored to be visited by the students and teachers from Santa Laurensia Senior High School in Indonesia on 4 Mar 2015. MKP students and teachers shared our school’s culture, gifted education programme and uniform team activities with our visitors. They also joined our S.2, S.3 and S.4 lessons and were impressed by our students’ performance. We look forward to establishing a closer tie with Santa Laurensia Senior High School in the future!
2015-03-05The Home-School Association Annual Party (28/2/2015)
The Home-School Association Annual Party has been smoothly held last Saturday. Parents, teachers, students and members of staff spent an enjoyable night together. We are most grateful for the spectacular performance given by parents , teachers and students. In addition, lucky draw session was prepared by the Home-School Association.
2015-02-25Secondary 1 Discretionary Places Mock Interview Name List
2015-02-25The Third Secondary Six High Table Luncheon (13/02/2015)

On 13 February, all Secondary Six students and their teachers attended the annual high table luncheon at the School Hall. Our School Supervisor, Ms. Rosa Pang, & Chief Executive of Stewards, Mr. Lau Ying Pan, Edmond gave the ceremony remarks and encouraged all Secondary Six students to be the salt and light of the world. We gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for the high table luncheon and the six happy years that students and teachers spent together.

2015-02-16The Eighteenth Sports Day Prize Presentation Ceremony (10-11/2/2015)


2015-02-13Education and Careers Expo 2015 (5 February 2015)
On 5th February, S4 and S5 students participated to the Education & Careers Expo 2015 held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It provides an opportunity for students to gather information about local and overseas studies, career pathway of different professions and relevant training.
2014-12-22Gifted Education on BAFS – A Study Trip to Guangzhou(13-14 December 2014)

13 of our F.4 and F.5 students joined a study trip to Guangzhou with another secondary school on 13-14 December 2014. They visited several business firms including a state-owned enterprise and two private enterprises. Students also interviewed the managing director of a chained store about the management expertise of running a firm. Students could definitely learn deeper from real life examples to reflect on the knowledge they derived from the subject.

2014-12-11Student Concert 2014 (5th December 2014)(Guest of Honour. Ms Chen Ming Li, Chairlady of the Home-School Association)

On 5 December 2014, F.1 and F.5 students joined the Student Concert to listen to different types of performance presented by our Marching Band, Choir, Master Class students as well as individual students. Also, some students performed solos with Erhu and Zheng Solo too. It was such an enjoyable evening!

2014-12-09Media Coverage for the Effective Implementation of LAC in MKP

Give thanks! We were invited by the Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB) to share with the public our school's effective implementation of Language Across the Curriculum (LAC). Our lessons and learning activities were videotaped by the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and students as well as teachers were interviewed to share with the audience how MKP developed together with the Language Learning Support Section of the EDB a variety of LAC teaching and learning materials and organized different campus activities to help students learn content subjects in English effectively and maximize their exposure to English.

Our school case is part of the RTHK's Programme 〈香港語文教育的路與道〉 and the broadcasting dates and time are:

1. 05.12.2014(1520-1540) ATV World
2. 5.01.2015(0920-0940) TVB Pearl

Please click the heading to view the video.

2014-12-03TEDxYouth@HongKong 2014 (22 November 2014)
On 22nd November, 20 Ma Ko Pan students participated in the TEDxYouth@HongKong 2014 held in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. TED is a non-profit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. TEDx events for youth are sprouting up to bring together local educators, organizations and youth for activities, live talks and storytelling that engages young minds to learn and experience in new and different ways. Our students enjoyed the performance very much. Student’s reflection will be shared in the coming MKP daily.
2014-12-01Off-campus English Activity: AFS Intercultural Fair 2014 (29 November 2014)
On 29th November, 17 Ma Ko Pan students participated in the AFS Intercultural Fair 2014 with other 1000 students and teachers. The Fair was organized by AFS, an NGO and our school’s partner for arranging the study of the exchange student, Sebastian, at our campus. At the Fair, exchange students from Italy, Germany, Argentina, Iceland and so on introduced to our students their unique ways of living and languages. Our students enjoyed their games, food and other interactive activities a lot!
2014-12-01Off-campus English Activity: The Struggle For Survival (Paper Bag Simulation) (27 November 2014)
On 27 November, 41 S.4 students joined the life experiencing programme organized by the Crossroads Foundation. Like the people in the third world countries, students had to create paper bags to earn enough to pay for their rent, food, water, sanitation and education. If they could not do so, they would end up in the hands of a loan sharks and be forced to work without pay. Our students experienced the hopelessness of the people in the third world countries and discussed the actions they could take to help them.
2014-12-01MKP Campus Tour cum Talk on School Choice Strategies in Secondary School Place Allocation and the New Academic Structure "334"

On 30th Nov & 6th Dec, more than 1000 vistors visited our campus and around 700 parents attended our admission talks.

2014-11-27Thanksgiving Day

We were celebrating the Thanksgiving Day on the 27 November 2014 (The 4th Thursday in November) with Roast Pigs instead of turkeys. We were celebrating the Thanksgiving Day on the 27 November 2014 (The 4th Thursday in November) with Roast Pigs instead of turkeys.

"Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations." (Psalm 100:4-5)

2014-11-07The Eighteenth Student Leadership Inauguration Ceremony(4 November 2014)
Guest of Honour Mr. Lau Ying Pan, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Stewards
2014-11-05An Inspiring Afternoon With The American Author Lauren Groff (31 October 2014)

Our school was honored to have the famous American writer Lauren Groff with us to share her experience as a writer during a school seminar. When she was new to this profession, she couldn’t believe that completing and publishing a novel could take up to 5 years!

Lauren explained various approaches in planning a novel and suggested to start off by observing a particular community to look for interesting characters in order to build a story around that character based on different attributes. She believes observation and reading are the best ways to obtain such information, and hence to produce content-rich writing. One of her tips on writing a better ending is to design the climax prior to planning and writing.

Lauren Groff was able to sustain students’ interest in this seminar, including those who hate reading or writing. This suggests that writing can be fun if you take the initiative to try and practise.

Ms. Charmene (English Department)

2014-10-30Information Talk on Student Exchange Programmes by AFS (29 October 2014)

The representative of the AFS Intercultural Exchanges (AFS), an international non-profit voluntary organization, introduced in English different exchange programmes to our students during lunchtime today. All S3 students and a number of students in other forms who were interested in student exchange programmes joined the talk. Students learnt a lot about international exchange activities and how to develop the knowledge, perspective and life skills to create a more just and peaceful world through joining them. The exchange student from Germany, Sebastian, in our school was also one of the presenters at the talk and shared with us what he had learnt from the exchange programme.

2014-10-30A Visit by Our Founding Supervisor, Mr. James Boyd Aitken and His Wife, Mrs. Blanche Aitken (28 October 2014)

All students and teachers happily welcomed our founding school supervisor, Mr. James Boyd Aitken, and his wife, Mrs. Blanche Aitken back to MKP during the Morning Assembly on 28 Oct 2014. Mr. Aitken shared with us his missionary work around Asia and encouraged us to be God’s faithful and humble servants so that we can all live out our school’s motto: Be the Salt and the Light of the Earth (Matthews 5:13-15). His commitment in Christ is definitely a role model to us.

2014-10-16Off-campus English Activity - Crossroads Global X-perience (Hazards of Life) (15 October 2014)

Class 3A went to Crossroads to have a Global X-perience trail – Hazards of Life on 15th October. In the simulation, students became residents of a poor fishing community where they had to trade to meet their basic needs. They also faced the risks from disasters and thought about how to use their meager resources to keep their community safe. Though this activity, students learnt a lot about Disaster Risk Reduction and how to make the world be more resilient in the face of disaster risk.

2014-10-16English Morning Assembly - Teacher Day (6 October 2014)
2014-10-16English Morning Assembly - Class Performance 2B (6 Octber 2014)
2014-10-16English Day - Life Journey (6 October 2014)

Give thanks! More than 130 students and teachers joined the English activity at the hall during lunchtime and explored different life-changing events that can shake us to our core. They actively shared their ideas in English and played a game of life together. All the participants had great fun and enjoyed using English to complete the language game.

2014-10-15Visit of Missionaries - Carpenter's Tools International (15 Oct 2014)
Give thanks! Carpenter's Tools International, a team of 7 missionaries from U.S.A., and officers of the Youth For Christ (H.K.) visited our school today (15 Oct 2014). They shared the Gospel, hymns and songs with our students during the lunchtime at the School Hall. All the S.1 students and students in other forms joined the event and enjoyed singing with the missionaries. In addition, the missionaries went to meet S.2B students and shared their lives and salvation testimonies with them in groups. The students learnt a lot from the missionaries and loved talking to them a lot!
2014-09-29Christian Fellowship: Pledging Ceremony (19 September 2014)
2014-09-26The Briefing Session on Uniform Teams for S1 Students (4-5 September 2014)
2014-09-24English Morning Assembly - Interviewing Our NET (24 September 2014)
2014-09-24English Morning Assembly - Class Presentation 6A (24 September 2014)
2014-09-04The School Commencement Ceremony 2014-15
Guest of Honour: Mr. Sammy Chung Senior Lecturer and Visiting Professor of Shenzhen Polytechnic P.R. China Immediate Past President 2014-15, The Rotary Club 1462 District 1210
2014-09-04Summer Staff Training Events
19-8-2014 Staff Development Activity, “An Introduction to Self-regulated Learning”, led by Dr. Chiu Chi Shing of Executive Director, Quality School Improvement Project of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
22-8-2014 Teachers’ Retreat, “A lesson about Prayer”, led by Mrs. CHEUNG Lai Yuk Fong, Sandy of the Chinese Mission Seminary .
26-8-2014 Workshop for teachers of Stewards, “A Way to Enhance Classroom Teaching and learning”, run by Mr Bob Yip of the Innerspace Counseling Service Ltd.
2014-07-28The updated information about School Textbook sales in MKP
2014-07-15Encouraging Results Achieved by Our Students in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2014

Give thanks! Though the results of our S.6 students in S.1 were only above average among their peers in the territory, they worked hard with their teachers in these six years and had great improvement in their results in the HKDSEE 2014.

The best student’s results:

Public Examination Results Total Score
of the Best Seven Subjects
5** 5** 5** 5** 5* 5* 5 45

They performed well in the four core subjects including Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies and attained a far higher credit rate (Level 4 or above) as well as passing percentage (Level 2 or above) than their counterparts in Hong Kong schools on average. The passing percentage of all subjects is over 97% and the credit rates of 13 subjects are much higher than the norm.

The credit rates are higher than the norm in the following 13 subjects:
Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Chinese History, History, Information and Communication Technology, Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics Extended Part Module 1.

May our Heavenly Father grant our students the strength to work hard, stay humble and strive for excellence!

2014-07-11The Seventeenth School Closing and Prize Presentation Ceremony (Senior Forms)
2014-07-11The Seventeenth School Closing and Prize Presentation Ceremony (Junior Forms)
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