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2014-04-11S3 Telescope Making Project

The prize presentation ceremony of S3 Telescope Making Projects was held on 11th April. The winners are:

The Best Handicraft:
Champion: 3D Leung Tsz Ying, 3D Leung Yee Ching
1st runner up: 3C Yeung Ka Ho, 3C Yiu Ka Wa
2nd runner up: 3B Wong Lee Lam, 3B Wong Ying Ching

Awards of Merits: 3A Sit Wing Yan, 3A So Wai Shan, 3B Chan Hei Man, 3B Chan Ho Man,3B Fung Nok Hang, 3B Fung Wan Hei, 3C Li Ching Wai, 3C Mak Hiu Yi, 3D Hung Chi Hang, 3D Lai Wai Him

The Best Presentation:3D Leung Tsz Ying, 3D Leung Yee Ching

By using 2 bi-convex lenses, students worked in pairs, prepared and decorated their telescopes in different appearances. The telescopes were not only function well, but also in good handicraft. Learning outcomes of this project were shared in a seminar in March.

2014-04-10S1 English Interview Day (8th April 2014)

8th April was our S1 English Interview Day. All S1 students designed their questionnaires, role-played as tourists and used English to interwiew their schoolmates, exchange students (Emma & Robin) and teachers during the class teachers' periods after lunch. The activity was a great success and students enjoyed speaking in English.

2014-03-31Parents' Talk on Quality Parenting (29/3/2014)

It is our honored to invite Dr. Suen Lap-man to be the guest speaker of our Parents' Talk on 29/3. Over hundreds of teachers and parents attended it. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the upcoming Parents' Talk!
You can find the slides of the talk via this link:

2014-03-31A group of Rotarians came from Macao

Give thanks! A group of Rotarians came to our school to exchange their experiences on environmental education with our teachers and students.

2014-03-20In-school Workshop: Learning English Language Arts with Mr. Alan Gibbons

Give thanks! On 18 March, Mr. Alan Gibbons, an award-winning author from the United Kingdom visited our school and shared with 30 S.1 and S.2 Ma Ko Pan students how to read and write English poems as well as short stories.

Mr. Gibbons is a distinguished English author of children's books and the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award in 2000. He was invited by the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival 2014 to be one of the writers holding talks at the Central Library. It was thus our honour to have invited Mr. Gibbons to organise an in-school workshop about language arts for our students and teachers. The workshop was a great success and all the participants could not wait to learn more about English writing and culture by reading Mr. Gibbons’ books in the near future!


2014-03-20Visiting Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum(15/3/2014)
On 15 March, twenty-six of our junior form students visited Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum with their History teachers. They learnt more about the history of the penal system. They also paid a visit to Murray House.
2014-03-14First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Junior Forms)

Guest of Honour: Mr. Tsoi Kim Tung (Principal, AD&FD POH Mrs Cheng Yam On Millennium School) & Mr. Au Wai Ming (Parent Manager)

2014-03-14First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony-Academic Achievement (Senior Forms)

Guest of Honour: Mr. Mel Mrowiec (Head Master, Harrow International School Hong Kong) & Mr. Au Wai Ming (Parent Manager)

2014-03-11Quality Parenting Talks (29/3, 12/4)
2014-03-07The Second Secondary Six High Table Luncheon (28/02/2014)

On 28 February, all Secondary Six students and their teachers attended the annual high table luncheon at the School Hall. Our School Supervisor, Ms. Rosa Pang, gave the ceremony remarks and encouraged all Secondary Six students to be the salt and light of the world. We gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for the high table luncheon and the six happy years that students and teachers spent together.

2014-02-28International Christian School Visit

On 24 February, fourteen of our students paid a visit to the International Christian School. Our students/ Makopanians spent an afternoon with some native-speaking students playing English games and visiting their campus. Our students/ Makopanians found this experience rewarding as they could use English in an authentic context. A return visit to our school has been scheduled in March, details will be released soon.

2014-02-25Professional Development with a School from Thailand (12/2/2014)

A group of 25 Students Teachers and their Professors from the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) in Thailand visited our School on February 12, 2014. The visit was not only a rewarding experience for the visitors, but also provided a precious opportunity for our teachers to share our experience of implementing quality Science and Mathematics Education with teachers from a different cultural background. We look forward to having more exchanges with IPST in the future.

2014-02-25The Home-School Association Annual Party (15/2/2014)

The Home-School Association Annual Party has been smoothly held last Saturday. Parents, teachers, students and members of staff spent an enjoyable night together. We are most grateful for the spectacular performance given by parents , teachers and students. In addition, lucky draw session was prepared by the Home-School Association.

2014-02-25English Singing Contest 2014

Our annual English Singing Contest has accomplished successfully. Contestants unleashed their talents in singing and performing different styles of songs ranging from rapping to a cappella. The winners of this competition are as follows:

Solo Groupsbr
Champion: 4A Fu Ting
1st runner-up: 4E Lai Ka Yin, 2nd runner-up: 5E Te Ying Ying

Duos and Vocal Groups
Champion: 4A Fu Ting, 4B Chan Yin Wing, 5B Chan Sau Yuen, 5D Lo Wing Yan
1st runner up: 4D Ho Wun Chi, 4E Lai Ka Yin
2nd runner up: 4C Poon Kam Hon, 4C Tong King Hang
2nd runner up: 4E Class

2014-02-25English Society: Valentine’s Day Song Dedication (14 Feb 2014)

Today Makopanians have got a chance to express their gratitude towards their loved ones through this song dedication activity. Thanks 3C Robin Albrecht, 3D Angela Hung, 4E CoCo Lai and 4B Hydi Yeung for being our DJs today! Don’t miss the chance to dedicate a song next time.

2014-01-23The Application of the Secondary One Discretionary Places(2014/15)
2014-01-16Educational Talk on “Save the HK Chinese White Dolphin Postcard Campaign” (3 December, 2013 )

Hong Kong is losing one of its more treasured and iconic symbols, the Chinese White Dolphin. It is now the critical moment to take action and protect the remaining population from further decline. Our S1 Makopanians and members of English Society have taken part in this 'Save the HK Chinese White Dolphin Postcard Campaign' organized by Ark Eden, a non-profit environmental group. We are urging the government to act quickly before we lose these beautiful creatures from HK's waters forever. Our postcards, together with the other 2000 postcards written by students in over 12 different schools have been successfully handed over on 8th January 2014 to Hong Kong Government officials to voice our concerns.

2014-01-16The Struggle For Survival (Paper Bag Simulation) (21 December 2013)

Participants try to earn enough to survive by making paper bags out of newspaper and homemade glue. They must earn enough to pay for rent, food, sanitation, medical needs and, if they are fortunate, education. Those that cannot make it end up in the hands of a loan shark. This game throws participants into the hopelessness and intricacy of the poverty web.

2014-01-16English Day: It’s Christmas! (6 December 2013)

Eight Christmas game booths were set up by some S3 and S4 students to celebrate this wonderful festive season. Students were lining up cheerfully for a host of Christmas-themed English games.

2014-01-02The Seventeenth Sports Day Prize Presentation Ceremony (17-18/12/2013)


2014-01-02Thanksgiving Day

We were celebrating the Thanksgiving Day on the 28 November 2013 (The 4th Thursday in November) with Roast Pigs instead of turkeys.

2013-12-09Student Concert (28/11/2013)
2013-12-09The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Admission Talks for HKDSE Applicants


2013-12-03MKP Campus Tour cum Talk on School Choice Strategies in Secondary School Place Allocation and the New Academic Structure "334"

On 30th Nov and 7th Dec, more than 2000 vistors visited our campus and around 700 parents attended our admission talks.

2013-11-22AFS Intercultural Fair 2013 (9/11/2013)

On 9th November, 17 students took part in AFS Intercultural Fair 2013 at Maryknoll Father School in Kowloon Tong. The Fair was organized by AFS, an NGO and our partner for arranging the study of the exchange student, Robin Albrecht, at our campus. Our students experienced and were introduced to cultures of countries around the world, through songs, food, games, and many other interactive activities, which were conducted in English.

2013-11-21Geography Day (18/11/2013)


2013-11-21Prize Giving Ceremony(21/11/2013)
2013-11-20Visit of outstanding senior secondary school teachers from Hunan Province and Hainan Province(15/11/2013)
2013-11-20The Seventeenth Student Leadership Inauguration Ceremony(14/11/2013)

Guest of Honour Mr. Chan Pui Tin (Chief Curriculum Development Officer, Gifted Education Section, EDB)

2013-11-19Prize Giving Ceremony(19/11/2013)
2013-11-19Cast Puzzle Workshop (16/11/2013)


2013-10-15Prize Giving Ceremony(15/10/2013)
2013-10-15Off-campus English Activity - "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" the Musical (12 Oct 2013)

Give thanks! A team of our students visited the Chinese Holiness Church Living Spirit College last Saturday and joined their musical - "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". The English musical was incredible. The costumes were well-designed and the production team showed how much time as well as energy they put into the performance. Our students and teacher learnt a lot from the performance and were truly amazed by all the wonderful singing, great props, and beautiful music.

2013-10-11A Visit by Mr. Kee Chi Hing

It was our great honour to have invited Mr. Kee Chi Hing to share with us about Ethical Consumption in Hong Kong during our Morning Assembly on 8 Oct 2013. Mr. Kee was the former Corporate Vice President of Hewlett-Packard and Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard Hong Kong. Now, he is an honorary board director of Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre and a member of the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee under the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR.

Our students and teachers were greatly inspired by Mr. Kee’s sharing and will fully support the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Movement in the future.

2013-10-09English Day (4/10/2013)

Students celebrated the Oktoberfest, a German Festival. Form 1 students designed some board games for all the students to play.

2013-10-09A group of missionaries came from Canada and America (3/10/2013)

Give thanks! A group of missionaries came to our school to share their experience and how Lord loves them to our Form 1 students.

2013-09-162013 Summer Professional Development and Exchange Programs


2013-09-13The Briefing Session on Uniform Teams for S1 Students (5-6 September 2013)


2013-08-14Pre-S.1 Summer Bridging Drama Course (22/7 – 25/7)

It is the second year we ran the Pre-S.1 Summer Bridging Drama Course. This year the course has been a great success with students showing great enthusiasm in learning English and drama skills. On the last day of the course, all the 8 groups of students put on a mini-show drawing on the skills they had learnt throughout the course. How wonderful to see all these newcomers perform with passion!

2013-06-25S2 / S3 Admission Application (2013-2014)

Please collect the application form at the office or download it here. Please submit the required documents (Refer to the Points to note for applicants) with the completed application form to the office from 2/7/2013 to 4/7/2013.

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