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-   Learning Theme: In Search of Wisdom Respect for Life    Our Expectations: Enthusiastic & Self-motivated; Loyal & Responsible; Pure & Courteous; Honest & Courageous; Sincere & Considerate   
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2016-02-11S4-S5 Business Writing Workshop (29 Jan 2016)
It is our honour to have Dr. Ken Lau from Centre for Applied English Studies at the University of Hong Kong to give our students a workshop on Business writing. There were a lot of interactions between Dr. Lau and our students. Our students have learnt a lot from Dr. Lau in the workshop. Dr. Lau also introduced an interactive website ProWriteHK which is newly developed by CAES to enhance the professional writing skills. ProWriteHK:
2016-01-22The Application of the Secondary One Discretionary Places(2016/17)
2016-01-12F.4 Gospel Camp (22-24/12/2015)
2016-01-06Visit to the Legislative Council (23-12-2015)
On 23rd Dec 2015, more than 30 students visited the Legislative Council Complex, which was organized by History Department, Moral and National Education Committee & the Community Youth Club. The students learned the development of Legislative Council. Also one of the Councillors, Hon Chan Han-pan J.P. (New Territories West) kindly shared the operation of the Legco with students.
2015-12-23ApL Prize Presentation Ceremony

Give thanks! Ma Shuk Yee (6D) has been awarded the "Applied Learning Scholarship (2014/15 School Year)" and the "Special Awards" by the Law's Charitable Foundation (LCF) and the Education Bureau (EDB). The scholarship and the award are to show appreciation to students who demonstrated positive learning attitude and achieved good progress in studying their Applied Learning (ApL) courses in the 2014/15 school year. Each winner of the Scholarship will be awarded HK$1,000 and a certificate by the LCF.

2015-12-15Career Simulation Game @ St. James Settlement

Career Sparkle of St. James Settlement is the first Career Service Center for youth in Hong Kong. They provide different career services such as “Career Live” – Career Simulation Game.

About 60 S5 students joined the 3-hour career simulation game on 11 Dec. The game provided a realistic and diversified working environment and professional equipment to engage our students in experiential learning. In these activities, each of our students had to wear genuine uniform to become a staff member in different jobs. They then needed to use professional equipment and tools to finish the assigned duty. At last, students would watch a video clip which demonstrated the situations, requirements and characteristics of different jobs of the related industries through the sharing of frontline workers. During the group debriefing session, students were guided to set up a unique goal in life planning with reference to their reflections on their own interests, abilities and what they had learnt in the activities.


Innovation is the new norm for this decade. To help ignite a few new insights, 25 students from S4 and S5 have participated in the Tipping Point Conference 2.0 in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park on 12th December. The conference is organized by INVOTECH which tries to regain Hong Kong’s luster by inventing new industries. They have invited Hongkongers who are game-changers from North America to challenge and dare to say, disrupt our conventional thinking. This symposium has brought together innovation leaders from new and existing industries in Hong Kong to identify and debate a new way forward. Our students have broadened their horizons and affirmed the importance of being initiative and perseverance for their future careers.

2015-12-11Off-campus English Activity: Drama Apprecitaion Nicholas Nickleby (29 November 2015)
20 students went to Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre on 29 November and enjoyed a wonderful drama by Aftec. The Drama was incredible. Our students also joined the exhibition tour to know more about the performers and Aftec.
2015-12-11Off-campus English Activity: AFS Intercultural Fair 2015 (28 November 2015)

On 28th November, Ma Ko Pan students participated in the AFS Intercultural Fair 2015 with other 1000 students and teachers. The Fair was organized by AFS, an NGO and our school’s partner for arranging the study of the exchange student, Amin, at our campus. At the Fair, exchange students from Italy, Germany, Argentina, Iceland and so on introduced to our students their unique ways of living and languages. Our students enjoyed their games, food and other interactive activities a lot!

2015-12-01School Information Day (28 Nov 2015)


2015-11-232015-16 Gospel Week
Watoto Evangelistic
Desserts Corner
Gospel Band
Books Fair with Q&A
Booth for Gospel Presents
2015-11-12“InnoCarnival 2015” 3 Nov, 2015
60 F.1 students joined the “InnoCarnival 2015 held by the Innovation and Technology Commission on 3 Nov, 2015. The theme for this year is “InnoTech– Key to a Boundless Future” and there were various activities such as large-scale exhibitions, an electric vehicle exhibition, workshops, seminars, science competitions, guided tours, and an exhilarating entertainment show for students to gain hands-on and fun-filled experience of the convenience and fun brought by innovation and technology to their daily life. Students also joined the workshop such as “Robot dogs design” “Electronic random number generator design” and “Light up, paper electronic circuit”. All of them felt excited with the modern technology shown in the Carnival. Website :
2015-11-10Author Talk (5/11/2015)
It was our honour to have Ms Susan Choi, the award winner of Asian American Literary Award for Fiction, give a talk to our S.1 students about her writing journey on 5th November. In the talk, she shared how to get more ideas for writing, a variety of useful story-writing techniques and her experience as an author. Our students learnt a lot from her. On 10th November, four S.1 students shared what they have learnt from Ms Choi with all teachers and their schoolmates in the morning assembly.
2015-11-10Awards received from 2015 Inter-divisional Competition of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command (NT)

Awards received from 2015 Inter-divisional Competition of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command Our division received awards in the Inter-divisional Competition of Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command (NT). They also won the overall championship among 44 teams. The details of awards are as follows: ‧ Overall Champion ‧ Group D Champion ‧ Uniform Inspection - Group D 2nd Runner-up ‧ Footdrill - Group D 2nd Runner-up ‧ First-aid - Group D 1st Runner-up ‧ Home Nursing - Group D Champion Besides, 5B Leung Nga Man also won the 1st runner-up in Junior Individual Basic Home Nursing Competition. Congratulate to all members! We would also like to give thanks to the alumni who sustain the spirit of servant leadership whole-heartedly.

2015-11-09Our School Won the District Best 'Opportunities for the Elderly Project' (OEP) Awards
Give thanks! Our school has won the District Best 'Opportunities for the Elderly Project' (OEP) Awards for the outstanding performance in implementing the one-year projects in 2014-15.
Principal Yip and student representatives from the Ma Ko Pan Ambassadors for the Elders received the awards in the Award Presentation Ceremony on 31 Oct. After the ceremony, they were interviewed by the Oriental Daily. To read the news article, please visit the webpage below:
On the same day, TVB broadcasted its interview with our Ambassadors for the Elders and reported their experience of joining a social enterprise programme in the TVB news programme (周六搜記). To view the video, please click the link below:
To review the activities that Ma Ko Pan Ambassadors for the Elders did last year, please visit the webpages below:
Ma Ko Pan Caring Ambassadors for the Elderly
2014-15 MKP Caring Ambassadors for the Elderly
To view the feedback from the elderly participants on our activities last year, please take a look at the video produced by one of them:
The Information about OEP
To take forward the Government's policy objective of 'Promoting a Sense of Worthiness among the Elders', the Social Welfare Department (SWD), launched the 'Opportunities for the Elderly Project' (OEP) in 1998-1999 with the support from the Lotteries Fund. Since April 2003, the OEP has become a regular service of SWD. Through subsidising various social service organisations, district organisations, and educational institutes, etc., to carry out a wide range of programmes, the OEP aims to promote a sense of worthiness among the elders and to advocate a community spirit of care for the elders.
(Abstract from the website of the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department)
2015-11-04"Fighting as One: Reminders of the Eight Years' War of Resistance in Guangdong and Hong Kong" ( 31/10/2015)
On 31st Oct, more than 20 students joined the captioned activity which was organized by the Moral and National Education Department and the Community Youth Club. They visited the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and the Exhibition "Fighting as One: Reminders of the Eight Years' War of Resistance in Guangdong and Hong Kong".
2015-11-03The Nineteenth Student Leadership Inauguration Ceremony(28 October 2015)

Guest of Honour Mr. YUNG Po Shu, Benjamin, Principal Assistant Secretary(Professional Development & Training), Education Bureau

2015-11-022015 Taiwan Higher Education Fair (31/10/2015)
2015-10-08Home-school Association Committee Member Election

Further details are as follows:

Chairman Ms. Cheung Lai Heung
Vice chairman Ms. Ng Kam Lan
Secretary Ms. Tang Suk Yee
Treasurer Ms. Tain Hong Xing
Spiritual Education Ms. Wong Fung Ming
Recreation Ms. Lie Tjou Tjou
General Services Ms. Ho Fung Ying
Liaison Ms. Cheung Tak Chi
Committees Ms. Chan Yin Fan, Ms. Fung Tak Mui &
Ms. Kung Lan Ying
2015-09-30Christian Fellowship: Pledging Ceremony (18 September 2015)
2015-09-25The Briefing Session on Uniform Teams for S1 Students (8-9 September 2015)
2015-09-17“Master of the Universe” English Science Exploration Camp from 23 July to 29 July, 2015
Four F.2 students had participated a “Master of the Universe” English Science Exploration Camp from 23 July to 29 July, 2015. In this camp, at least 20 teachers from England were invited to held various activities to develop Science knowledge and the social communication skills in English by mixing with fellow campers and teachers from England. All students enjoyed the fun and excited programs very much and wish to engage again in the future.
2015-09-1437 F.4 and F.5 Physics students experienced a fantastic engineering summer camp from 20 July to 24 July

37 F.4 and F.5 Physics students experienced a fantastic engineering summer camp from 20 July to 24 July. In this camp, students were introduced to different engineering disciplines and engaged in various hand-on projects. They also had high-table dinner with engineering professions, visited esteemed companies and experienced hostel life. All students enjoyed the programs very much.

In addition, we would like to congratulate the following six students for winning the championships at the hand-on projects in the camp:

Lee Pak Ho (4A 2014-2015)
Sit Wing Yan (4A 2014-2015)
Wong Man Kit (4A 2014-2015)
LEUNG LOK HIN (5B 2014-2015)
LIN SILE (5A 2014-2015)
Pak Tze Tung (6E 2014-2015)

For the photos taken at the activities and the students’ reflections, please visit the following website:

2015-09-08Summer Staff Training Events
21-8-2015 “A lesson about servant leader” given by Rev. CHAN Yut Wah, the NT West Hospital Chaplaincy Ltd.
2015-07-02S3 Telescope Making Project

The prize presentation ceremony of S3 Telescope Making Projects was held on 29th May. The winners are:
The Best Handicraft:
Champion: 3C Ng Sin Tung, 3C Ng Sin Yee
1st runner up: 3C Chan Yuen Tung, 3C Chau Ting Yi
2nd runner up: 3D Liang Yu Fang, 3D Ng Wing Yin
Awards of Merits:
3B Lau Wan Hei Ellis, 3B Lo Tsz Hang, 3B Choi Hoi Lam, 3B Chow Emily,
3D Lam Wang Kit, 3D Lau Kwan Yu, 3A Chan Ho Chuen, 3A Choi Long Fung,
3C Tam Nok Sum, 3C Vong Ka Yan, 3B Chan Ki Hong, 3B Chan Tung Hoi,
3A To Wing Kiu, 3A Yim Sze Wan, 3B Kwok Ka Hin Vincent, 3B Lau Hang Long
By using 2 bi-convex lenses, students worked in pairs, prepared and decorated their telescopes in different appearances. The telescopes were not only function well, but also in good handicraft.

2015-06-24School Special Notice
2015-06-23S1 admission application (2015-2016)

Please collect the application form at the office or download it here. Please submit the required documents (Refer to the Points to note for applicants) with the completed application form to the Visual Art Room on 9/7/2015.

2015-05-28S1 English Interview Day (5 May 2015)
5th May was our S1 English Interview Day. All S1 students designed their questionnaires, role-played as tourists and used English to interwiew their schoolmates, exchange students and teachers during the class teachers' periods after lunch. The activity was a great success and students enjoyed speaking in English.
2015-05-21The Fourth Graduation Ceremony of Secondary Six Cum Annual Parade (15 May 2015)

Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College presented certificates to 164 graduating students at the fourth Graduation Ceremony of Form Six.

The graduating students of Stewards MKMCF Ma Ko Pan Memorial College were proud and pleased to receive their certificates today from Prof. Daniel T. L. Shek, Associate Vice President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, our guest of honour. Congratulating the graduates, Prof. Shek advised graduates to foster a wide range of ability such as academic pursuit, emotional competence, resilience and spirituality, to face uncertainty in life. 

The guests and graduates then attended the post-ceremony uniform team parade in the playground. The Marching Band kicked off the parade and thirteen uniform teams marched through the school playground as Prof. Daniel T. L. Shek inspected our teams. The Graduation Day ended with a refreshment party prepared by the Girl Guide. While enjoying the delicious food, graduates, teachers and parents bid farewell to each other and reminisced about the past school days in joyfulness.

2015-05-20Visiting Student Teacher from Canada
Mr. Dustin Herbison, a native English-speaking student teacher from University of British Columbia in Canada, taught our students English from 28 April to 15 May and joined a number of school activities such as the S1 Interview Day. Mr. Herbison was an enthusiastic and caring teacher. Our students actively shared their ideas with him and learnt a lot about the Canadian culture. We all look forward to meeting Mr. Herbison when he comes to Hong Kong again!
2015-05-13Uniform Day(30 April 2015)
We were honored to have invited Mr Koon Hon Chuen, the Former Commandant of Customs & Excise Training School of the Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department, to be the guest of honour at the Assembly on our Uniform Day (30/4).
2015-04-29Economic and Finance talk: “Post-Global Financial Crisis: Where should Hong Kong go?” (16 April 2015)

Mr. Lau Ying Pan, the ex Executive Director of Hong Kong Monetary Authoirty, the existing CEO of Stewards delivered a talk to our F.5 Economics and BAFS students on 16 April 2015 about the economic situation of Hong Kong and shared his views on future development.

2015-04-22Automobile Taster Program in Tsing Yi IVE (20 April 2015)
37 F.4 Physics and ICT students experienced an extraordinary taster program - Automobile Mapping Out in Tsing Yi IVE on 21st April 2015. Not only automobile industry and career were introduced, wheel alignment check, vehicle dynamics simulation software and gasoline engine management system simulator were demonstrated in an authentic facility. All students enjoyed the program very much.
2015-04-22Gospel Camp for S.3 to S.4 students (5-7 April 2015)
About 80 students from Form 3 and 4 participated in the camp co-organized by Stewards Ma Kam Ming Charitable Foundation Ma Ko Pan Memorial College and Tuen Mun Christian Grace Chapel in Wu Kai Sha between 5 to 7 April.
2015-04-21Special Guests from Iceland (19 March 2015)
We were so glad to have hosted two special guests from Iceland, a Nordic island country between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Our guests, Sigfús Guttormsson and Stefanía Sveinbjörnsdóttir, have been teaching in primary schools in Iceland for more than twenty years. They spent a wonderful morning with our form one students introducing the beautiful geographical landscape and cultures of Iceland. Our form one students gave presentations on the various cultural aspects of Hong Kong in return. The visit ended nicely with a campus tour given by our Net teacher and English ambassadors as well as a drama performance put on by our school’s English drama club.
2015-04-21PACC Forum 2015 – Paint Your Future in Accounting and Business (21 March 2015)

On 21st March, Mr. Chan Mau Chee and 6 senior BAFS students attended the above forum where which was organized by the School of Accountancy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Speakers from different professions such as accounting, banking, shipping and loan services were invited, and vibrant, vivid and inspiring successful experiences and stories from speakers and scholarship awardees were shared. It is an invaluable opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons.

2015-03-30Joint School Project on Elite Nourishment and Academic Supporting Service Closing Ceremony (28-3-2015)
21 F.3-4 Liberal Students and 14 F.4-5 Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Students had successfully completed a Gifted Education pull-out program. Their representatives attended the closing ceremony and presented their learning outcomes in the University of Hong Kong on 28-3-2015.
2015-03-26History Day (12 March 2015)
History Day was held on 12 March. During lunchtime, S.1 and S.2 students joined the activities held in the hall. Students have learnt much more about the local history in Hong Kong through the activities.
2015-03-25Meeting with the Outstanding Young Engineer (19/3/2015)
On 19th March, more than 70 students participated to the Meeting with the Outstanding Young Engineer after school organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE). This talk aims to provide a platform for the experience sharing between engineer and students. The speaker, Mr. Benjamin Lam is an experienced engineer in building services discipline. He shared his learning path and the way towards the engineering profession. It was a great opportunity for students to broaden their horizons.
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